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What is ElisabethConcept?

Discover the colours that accentuate your complexion, eyes, and hair— the unique styles that work perfectly with your figure, personality, and lifestyle —and the simple guidelines to live it effortlessly every day. Wherever your location is, you can get going straight away with Elisabeth Concept Online.


Save up to 50% time & money

Shop in half the time—no more regretful purchases
hanging in your wardrobe with the prices tags on.

No more frustrating shopping days

Get what you want without any buyer’s remorse.

Everything combines

Your wardrobe is completely versatile and in harmony with you.

Confident in your look

When you know you look your best your confidence reflects it.

Why my customers love ElisabethConcept

  • Elisabeth is very professional. She showed me how we could do the colour journey online to find my harmonious colours. With the help of their unique ElisabethConcept Toolkit. I feel comfortable and secure in my newly found colours and shapes. And now I've based my branding and styling on it.
  • Elisabeth Concept has led to great, positive changes in my life: I now feel much more self-confident and enjoy being a woman. Shopping is now quick and easy: My colour? My style? -> decision! And no more "wrong purchases" - so in the end not only saved time and money, but also nerves!
  • I did the online colour consultation with Elisabeth and I am absolutely satisfied. With her keen sense, she gave me great advice and also enabled me to perceive the differences, so that from now on I can also assess what suits me and what doesn't. That gives me a really good feeling now, thank you very much and 100% recommendation!
  • I did the color and styling advice with Elisabeth. With her sensitive nature, she gives you tools, tips and tricks at hand that will allow you to choose exactly the clothes that suit your personality in the future. I now have the clarity for my appearance for ever.

In 3 steps to your perfect style!


Simply click the ‘Book appointment’ button to set a date for an unbinding introduction to EC.


In a personal conversation we will get to know each other and find out if we want to work together.


If we both agree, then we can start with the 1st module colour journey.

Start the year 2022 in style!

Why I developed ElisabethConcept

Looking our best is a great way to feeling confident in ourselves, in business, and in our private lives. But, looking good is not as simple as buying expensive clothes. We look our best when every aspect of ourselves is in harmony from head to toe—when our hairstyle, colours, make-up, clothes, glasses, accessories, and footwear are matched with skin tone, head shape, figure, and height.

As a certified Master Hairstylist, Make-up Artist, and Colour & Style Consultant, I bring every aspect of looking our best under one umbrella and call it ElisabethConcept. Join the hundreds of women who live my concept, and enjoy looking your best and feeling confident every day. This is my promise to you.


Discover your style that fits your figure,
personality and lifestyle perfectly!

Frequently asked questions

  • I advise my clients from head to toe.

    I am a master hairdresser and advise my customers professionally on the subject of hair colours and hairstyles, make-up, jewellery, glasses colours, shapes, clothing colours and styling. I have 20 years of experience as a colour and style consultant. Before that, I worked as a master hairdresser for 15 years.

  • For the colour journey you get my ElisabethConcept Toolkit in the house.

    This toolkit contains everything we need. We can start immediately via Zoom.

    You will also get the documents for the style trip delivered directly to your home.

  • Everything is prepared with documents and props, so that the consultation is very simple and can be done in an uncomplicated manner.

  • We work together via mobile phone and Zoom.

Style up your business!